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Flower Pair

Sports-style single and double win games applied to existing board games

The game added the sports betting of singles and doubles to the traditional game of Sutda. It is a new type of game that keeps users on edge until the end of the game by revealing some hands in 10 slots per the rules and then predicting the outcome.

Introduction of Pari-mutuel method sports betting

The game has adopted a Pari-mutuel method that all bets are divided and distributed to the winners.
Odds are reflected in real time according to the user’s participation (betting amount per slot) instead of using the bookmaker’s fixed odds. The game leads higher level of user interest.

Web-based game client for anytime and anywhere

It is a web-based game that does not require installation of a separate game client. If users have a device that can open a web browser (Chrome preferred) (smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet, etc.), users can enjoy the game anywhere.
*Operation may be restricted partially per spec and OS version of the device