CGA Betting System

The total gaming system that integrated an encryption technology introduced the blockchain cryptocurrency based on Peer to Peer to the game platform. As a cryptocurrency betting enables the direct betting in between ‘wallet’ unlike depositing or charging, the compensation for the game results is immediate. Also, since there is no central organization who monopolizes the system, the revenues from all games will be accumulate in games’ individual wallets and distributed to the coin holders after adjusting the income for a certain period.

Direct Betting System

Direct betting between Game Wallet and User Wallet eliminating the unnecessary transfer process, the system allows for safer and faster games.

RPC Transaction Logic

RPC Middleware, which stands for Remote Procedure Call, is the most advanced distributed message-oriented interface method for interworking among applications.
CGA’s utilized the most of RPC Middleware and applied it to the betting system, and it distributes betting and dividends between User Wallet and Game Wallet according to the commands from the core of the game platform. Especially, if the RPC is utilized, users can trust the system and game since the dividend adjustment is made automatically by programming without the control of the central organization