What is CGA COIN

High Speed CGA COIN

CGA COIN is an exclusive coin for Crypto Game Alliance platform which has supplemented problems such as slow block time, inefficient mining method, centralized hash power which counters the decentralization, and more.​ In near instant moment compared to Bitcoin, user can verify entire transaction process within few seconds.​

CGA COIN’s Blockchain Technology

CGA COIN using DAG algorithm applies block lattice structure which is known as the next-generation blockchain technology to conform to technical definitions of blockchain including uni-directionality and non-circulatory, and achieves extremely short block time​. Through lightening of UDP protocol, CGA Coin has realized fast transaction speed within few seconds, and is able to process more than 6,000 transactions per second.​


Through the adaptation of blockchain technology based cryptocurrency to a game ecosystem, CGA realizes the practical use of the ecosystem which has been the biggest hurdle for cryptocurrency until now. CGA ecosystem plans to gradually expand its business to only for use in game but also payment in rewards store, utility coin, etc. Ultimately, its goal is to realize cryptocurrency in a practical economic medium.

Delegated Proof of Stake [ DPoS ]

We moved away from the original PoW method that requires high computer resources as well as high hardware specifications and replaced miners with validators to increase efficiency. People’s share will be decided based on how much coin they possess and they can participate in votes for priority rights to block verification. Also, they can delegate their vote if they do not want block verification or when they are offline. It only requires resources at the least and does not even need that resource if you delegate the verification to node through agent designation.