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Card order is encrypted at the shuffle

As the eight decks are shuffled, the card order value to be used in one round (416 cards) is encrypted and disclosed in the form of hash value. When all shoes are completed, a public key that can check (decrypt) the card order value is provided, and the users can verify whether the game is manipulated or not.

Multi-betting system for the gamers

Crypto Baccarat offers multi betting which enables up to 3 of the many tables to be played simultaneously.
(See the game example image)

Applies the most standardized rule

Baccarat game complies with Macao Baccarat rule which is adopted by casinos the most.

Provides additional games such as Super6 Baccarat and more

Various Baccarat games including No Commission, Super 6, 2-7 Baccarat will be updated.