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Crypto Nine

New type of game and high odds

It is a new game using 3×3 number tablet of 10 numbers in 9 cells, and offers high odds of 9.5~900 times.
(Odds are subject to change in the future.)

Game result processed with integrity

Number in each cell is encrypted, and processed with integrity so that the value cannot be manipulated or predicted in the middle of the game through an advanced random algorithm.

Various additional games

The game provides even and odd game, earn over games and more with central result value.

Web-based game client for anytime and anywhere

It is a web-based game that does not require installation of a separate game client. If users have a device that can open a web browser (Chrome preferred) (smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet, etc.), users can enjoy the game anywhere.
*Operation may be restricted partially per spec and OS version of the device