Our goal is to develop a game ecosystem that connects several game developers through CGA platform to present the results of a free game development environment and mutual cooperation to the market immediately.​
Games developed by conventional developers or individuals can be easily presented within CGA platform, and each game can generate strong security and instant profit through CGA COIN.​
Users can easily use various games within CGA platform using CGA COIN and experience an intuitive ecosystem.​
To encourage active participation of the Alliance, we share various protocol solutions including encryption algorithm, direct betting system, and APIs of CGA platform to game companies with no or limited experiences in blockchain development.​
Through CGA platform, each game company resolves difficulties it encounters to enter the market, and creates strong synergy effects with the combined marketing power. ​

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Now developers in CGA can release their games, participate in the ecosystem and
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Alliance Partners


With a principle of integrity of games, Hash Fun # develops games using random result values using deep random algorithms and various hash algorithms.


With the aim of fairness and integrity of digital card shuffle, Crypto Deck shares encrypted card deck values applicable to all card games and develops various games.